Your CX profile is the center of your Online Presence.

Think discovery, merchandise sales, Press kit, fan engagement, portfolio all in one place. Yes, you can stop using that instagram account as your portfolio or your facebook account for messaging gig terms and do it all here.


A good profile is important, it brings more fans increases engagement and gets you hired for gigs.

Book Musicians

Gig booking is a lot easier for venue, choose a good genre for your venue and discover artists fitting your venues taste and style.


Sell and buy merchandise with ease, a good merchandise sale is indicative of fan support and your popularity on your way to stardom.

What our customer say?

Creative Xchange makes it easy for customers and artists alike, venues can now book weeks in advance with ease and get artists who keep their customers happy.


Merchandise Solved

Its as easy as it gets to sell merchandise on Creative Xchange, send us your logo and artwork and have a merchandise store ready in days. All you have to do is promote and get paid.

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As you set up your career goals and move ahead in your music career, Creative Xchange is working on improving your profile, selling merchandise, giving insights about your fans and helping you on the way.