DJs breath life into parties. They are the difference between a boring party where guests can’t wait to get home and a mad celebration that goes on till the wee hours of the morning. And what better way to host weddings, pool parties, corporate events and outdoor social dos. We will help you find the perfect DJ who doubles up as a cool emcee too. We are busy scouting for the best DJs in town to help make your parties hip and happening. So, hire one today and make some noise.

While you are starting out as a DJ, scoring your first few gigs can prove to be immensely difficult. You would be dying to DJ at the city’s best night clubs and host the most happening parties. But we understand this might take some time before you get there. You will get there. You just have to know how to go about it and whom to approach to line up your gigs.

Before you starting approaching promoters, make sure you have a great online presence. The promoters, booking agents, event managers and artist managers should be able to see your work before they get to know you in person. You and your work should both be presentable. Ideally, you should have a Facebook page, a Soundcloud profile, a Vimeo or YouTube page, and a basic website with a short bio and link to you work. It also helps if you have a Twitter account. These promoters and artist managers will get to know about your interests by seeing who you are following.

Take the help of professional photographer and videographer and get quality photo and video shoot. Get it edited by a professional. Make sure the sound quality is superb, especially if you are recording a live gig. Get a designer to help you with a logo, a cover page, a bio and a few posts for your Facebook page. Creating some cool artwork that resonates your personality is a good way to tell people who you really are. It is not a bad idea to develop a personal signature style that will set you apart. Always look presentable and well-groomed.

We know how hard it is to get a gig. A good first impression always goes a long way in helping you get more gigs. A professional appearance, both online and in person, will ensure that you take your work and yourself seriously. While imitating our favourite artists is always the first thought that comes to every one’s mind, a signature style in everything you do will set you apart from the crowd. You will get noticed and that will lead to more gigs.