Why Creative Xchange?

Venues face the challenge of getting new customers even if they constantly upgrade and change their core offerings of food and drinks. Music venues have a challenge of getting new artists in and getting to touring artists just in time when they are visiting the city. Creative Xchange helps all kinds of venues increase revenue and make music as an offering easy.

Creative Xchange for Bars and Restaurants

Build a “fan base” for your business with live music
Create your own events and encourage customers to throw private parties with live music
Create pairing of dinner/drinks with music making it an unique offering for your customers
Fill-up tables and space on down days and down time with live music offering
Make use of your space with and create your own music events
Save money and time spent in finding, auditioning, paying and managing communications

Creative Xchange for Music Venues

Hire musicians on your own with ease and without paying a premium and handle the logistics yourself giving you a higher ROI
Make it simple for your customers to follow the events coming up by following your social media and on Creative Xchange
Get access to touring artists with ease by using Creative Xchange and get artists from other cities
Do more with live music by hiring young talent and promoting them
Support local musicians by giving them a platform and promoting them
Save money and time spent in finding, auditioning, paying and managing communications

Creative Xchange for Event Planners

Make music management as a part of your service and make more money as an event manager
Hire musicians and manage cancellations with ease, in case of cancelations you have a choice of other musicians
Find musicians who are fit for the event, be it a violinist or Chinese traditional band we have them on platform
Get access to all kinds of bands including popular. For special requests reach out to our team

Creative Xchange promotions

We help you and the musician with social media content to promote the events
Creative Xchange promotions are location based and relevant, this gives you a loyal local customer base
Your events on Creative Xchange are sharable on social media
Special promotion packages are available for venues performing frequently with us

Contact us

To know more about how we can help you with live music mail us at info@creativexchangeinc.com. Or signup and let's explore together.