Painters paint magic on canvas. They have the ability to turn reality into something that’s beautiful and surreal. Be it commissioning a beautiful piece of art or painting your home, painters can weave magic with their brush. They know how to add a riot of colors while working on converting a dull space into a bright and cheerful home. We have been working identify and enlist the best painters whose styles could range from anything between modern minimalism to oriental style of painting. Our exhaustive list will include painters of different genres. Just book one and let imagination take over. You can select a painter whose work matches your personal style and color palette.
As a painter who is fresh out of art school, your imagination must be running wild. There is no stopping you. But you might still be a few years away from creating your masterpiece. While you will get there, a steady flow of meaningful and satisfying work is always welcome. It gives you the freedom to work on your masterpiece while helping you to pay the bills. The biggest challenge any painter who is starting out faces is in finding new work. The good news is a little networking has always been helpful. Find out about all the art shows and interior designing shows that are happening near your locality and attend each and every one of them. Meeting people is always better than a call or an email. You will develop your own database of art galleries and artists. These established artists and art galleries are always looking for a good apprentice. That’s where you come in. Working with a senior artists as a freelancer will give you better perspective and will improve your craft. It also helps if your mentor is interested in your style of painting and is willing to support you. You can also look at people who are regularly visitors to art stores and art galleries. They are potential clients. While most of them would love to own a piece of art, they usually can’t afford it. Pitch them with a few options and get talking. Soon, you will be working on commissioned projects. And all this while when you are still working on your masterpiece.