Creative Xchange solves problems for artists using technology.
At Creative Xchange we are always innovating.

A Technology Company for The Creative

CX takes operational issues of artists and answers them with technology. With the use of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence the platform provides a interactive and ever improving experience.

Smart Platform

CX uses Art Intelligence (A.I geared towards the creative industry) to track key attributes of an artists day to day operation. We use this to enable the artists to make smart pricing decisions. The A.I engine can then extrapolate from this information to show the artists future possibilities and choices.

Enjoy Commercial Success

The same technology is also geared to handle the event managers and connoisseurs by recommending artists, venues and time of the week, season etc. when an event is more successful or more enjoyable. Creative Xchange engineers are always looking for opportunities to improve the field of arts and bring intelligence available on the platform to all the customers on the platform.

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Internships at Creative Xchange are a fusion of work and fun. At Creative Xchange you get immediate gratification from what you have created by visiting an event or enjoying a concert or event, which you've helped create.

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