Creative Xchange is an innovative platform, we asked ourself the basic question what are the problems in the field of arts and tried to answer it with technology. Creative Xchange is a SaaS platform which leverages the latest cloud technologies and leverages open source software. Creative Xchange answers the basic questions pertinent to artists, connoisseurs of arts and event managers leveraging the data on platform and creates an interactive and ever improving experience leveraging Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Creative Xchange is powered by Art Intelligence (an artificial intelligence platform) for artists. Art Intelligence tracks interest in an artist, quality of their work, the genre of their work and the stage in career for instance and extrapolates career possibility for artists. The same technology is also geared to handle the event managers and connoisseurs by recommending artists, venues and time of the week, season etc. when an event is more successful or more enjoyable. Creative Xchange engineers are always looking for opportunities to improve the field of arts and bring intelligence available on the platform to all the customers on the platform.